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#419507 - All the way home she was shuffling about as if to be uncomfortable then later in bed confessed she had got quite wet talking to the guy at the carpark and had put her in the mood for a fucking which l gave her, her pussy really was dripping when l slid my cock into her warm shaven hole, Brenda began raising her hips to meet my downward thrusts, telling me to fuck her harder, it had been a long time since she had got so excited then as l climaxed Brenda let out a loud ‘Yes!’ and held her breath, l lay by her side, she was panting and gulping in air, ‘oh my god’ she said, leant over and kissed me, l joked that l’ll have to take her to the carpark again if it does that to her, she didn’t answer straight away but then queried if we did stop there again do l think the same guy would be there, so l suggested we go back next Saturday and find out, Brenda enthusiastically agreed and after a kiss we lay on our sides and went to sleep.

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