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#198555 - , i dont even want to think of what JJ will do to you, altho Andrew had the age and hight advarntage over JJ he was no where near as strong or deadly, but he played it cool altho she could see his worry, relax bitch, i am not gonna fuck you, but i am gonna teach you a lesson, he picked her up and pulled her onto the other girl in the 69 posishion, if you want to get out of here cock free i sugest you do what i say, i am gonna fuck the shit outta this girls ass again, and you are gonna lick her pussy clean out while i do it, and slowing down or stopping, and my cock will miss her ass and force its way down your throat. JJ sat there after Katlin had finished, a blank look on his face, then without word got to his feet and walked towards Andrew's rooom, almost kicking the door of its hinges, Andrew shot up in shock, WHAT THE FUCK JJ just threw him against the wall, what the hell are you doing putting your hands on Katlin, Andrew tryed to explain that Katlin was spying an

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