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#188994 - Reborn and one day in my next life I will conquer the world by force if necessary to bring peace to the supernatural of the world and as the arrow explodes on contact with the tower of Babel creating a fireball That engulfs the country leaving nothing but a bird that has been infused with the fires of the blast and the phoenix was born to search for a soul worthy of its power. And dean just sits back and calls to Katie hay Katie I need pot for my headache I've got enough for an ounce! And asked cam to get his volcano ( for those who don't know a volcano is a vaporizer that fills turkey bags with pot vapor it is popular among stoners because it is designed for herbs with a bowl and everything)and so dean Vic cam and Katie just sit right there by the stairs vaping pot in deans volcano and as dean is high the pain recedes and he starts to hear his friends voices over them speaking just to figure out if he is going crazy he says Vic I'm fine I think cam no i am not thro

Read Amatuer Kuchikukan Shigure Kyousei Zecchou Souchi - Kantai collection Plumper Kuchikukan Shigure Kyousei Zecchou Souchi

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Ittetsu takeda
Ahah that was very funny great thumbs up
Chiaia furan
Colonoscopies must be a cakewalk
Biko daitokuji
Daym thought it was amouranth on the thumbs
Urumi ushizaki
So cool
Miki hoshii