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#5586 - I yelled ‘you raped me’, he paused the force fucking he was giving me and said that when he put me to bed l kept telling him l was a virgin and wanted some fun, he was about to leave the room when l threw back my quilt, my brother joined me in bed and we had sex, Dave said he apologised that night for what happened and the next morning but l had told him it was my fault, which l had, my brother started kissing and fucking me again, my struggles became less because l found my pussy beginning to tingle and l didn’t need my hairbrush as this tingling sensation was a hundred times better my excitement began to build and l started to lift my hips to meet my brothers slow downward lunges when our lips parted his mouth sucked my small breast, when my brother flicked his tongue over my nipples l just screamed, l couldn’t work out what my brother was doing to me, he could touch any part of my body and it was driving me wild and l loved it. I put the toy onto my bedside cupboard and switched on

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Horikawa kunihiro
Err all her make up went on his face when they kissed
Pastel ink
I guess poki loves rough sex
Me encanta sentir la leche de otro en mi verga me da mas energia y lubrica sabroso
Youmu konpaku
Oh my god you are the best