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#374334 - I would come in and work the storefront, giving shoulder, neck and foot massages to mostly mothers plus the occasional gentlemen who I swear only came in to have a closer look at my tits as I sat at their feet to administer a foot rub, but I kind of didn’t mind that, it was always fun to catch them staring down my top or checking out my arse when I turned around not knowing I could see them doing it on the wall mirror , when I had free time I would read and watch videos Kendra had provided me to up my knowledge on different techniques before testing them out on her, lily, or one of the other girls that worked there between customers. “So there are two private massage rooms for clients who want a proper, more traditional massage, lily’s using the other one at the moment but I can show you this one”, Kendra suggested as she opened the door that leads into a small but beautifully furnished massage room, there was a large table in the center with selves adorned with all sorts of oils and

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