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#185192 - We rounded a corner and I found myself looking up at the most spectacular cliffs towering 250 foot above the lush green native bush, I felt fear and anxiety rising in me knowing that I would be climbing such spectacular rock, we continued down the road, I felt like Eve walking in the perfection of the garden of Eden with my Adam beside me, all the untouched bush bringing me comfort. We ate and drank indulging in some great phlisoical conversation. Jason showed us how to tie in correctly to the ropes, then gave cat the instruction on how to hold the ropes correctly when I was climbing, then turning to me said “climb when your ready” I felt comfort in his face, and decided to start without resting, I started to climb, and as soon as my feet left the ground I felt my anxiety rise, but I had to do this, no way was I going to make a fool of my self in front of such a handsome man, I turned my fear off and kept going vagley aware of the instructions and corrections being giving to cat, I

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I can t stop rewatching this hentai
Momoko akatsutsumi | hyper blossom
Dam she does have a tight ass omg my dick got hard when i saw that