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#360588 - See my what? She asked naively Your fanny? Oh, ermmm hang on she had finished cleaning herself and chucked the tissue in the bin, she opened her door and popped her head out, She was making sure no one was upstairs, it was easy to tell when someone was on their way as the entire stair case creaked like a boat hitting rocks. I was standing outside the school gates waiting for my cousin Chloe, she was in the year below me and every school day for the past 4 months we had been walking to her house together. Oh my god, have you got a boner? she asked Errr yeah but it'll go away I felt myself blushing Can I see it? I've seen one in sex ed but not in real life she asked whilst trying to pull off a puppy eyed look If you want too it's nothing special I replied I undid the zipper on my school trousers, my hand slightly shaking, pulled down my boxers.

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Lavinia whateley
Facial reaction and wide eyes on each stroke just made it pleasurable
Lotte yanson
Oooo i love this shall i take it hard like this