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#224589 - All the while of This going on my wife half sprawled out on the sofa edge her upper body barely able to lay against the upper back of it her head tilted from it being half way supporting her body and looking right up at Big Louie and Snake Lady talking like this the whole time. As she looked at Snake Lady and said; What to hell did you put in my drink and where is all the others for the party? Well Snake Lady just gave that damn evil look of hers at my wife and said just shut up and drink you'll luv all of it. As Snake Lady looked up at him And said; “I gave our Little Momma here a bit of some breeding Potion I got from another “Black Breeder” so she’s a bit delirious From that right now!” But judging from the inspection I just gave her and how wet that tight little pussy is I’d say she’s amply ready to get Bred! As Louie looked down upon my wife and said; “Damn no wondars that little pussy is hot!” She shure was a workin’s them walls ons my finger to!What

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