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#8443 - He looked down at me a smiled as I sucked him dry I then felt fingers slide in my pussy and I knew it was Matt I looked round and he was smiling as he finger fucked my pussy hole, it felt fantastic, I felt so sexy being wanted by both men. I climbed off and took notice of Lee I felt like I’d neglected him and his cock and begin to lick and suck on it, he’s nearly there as he threw his head back and his cock begins to pumps hot cum all in my mouth I swallow the first load then there’s more and more and just when I thought he’s stopped there was still more. “Right which of you wants me first? The other can watch or even better join in!” They both nodded but I wanted to have Lee last as I fancied him the most and when I picked Matt I told him to get undressed and lay on the bed as I went to get a drink and took Lee with me.

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