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#387970 - Mrs Millie was eye candy there was no denying and was probably one of the most attractive teaches in this Catholic school. As she opened her legs in the chair she licked her lips and sat back “What the heck” she said, she now pictured Geller in the office with her and began to fantasises “You wanted to see me Mrs” “Yes Geller I would like to see you, come inside” he closed the door and then went towards her, she now stood up and said “Sit down” she sat on the chair near the desk “I know what you were doing with Miss Millie” Geller in her fantasy sat back in the chair and seemed to not care “Really? What was I doing” “Do not lie to me boy, I know you were fucking her, were you fucking her?”. In fact I really did” she waited for his response but he was shocked and then she whispered “I could let you see more if you want” Miss Millie then lifted up her dress and sat on his lap facing him.

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