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#212045 - The manager even came into the group room at one time, he had been told what was going on, and decided to get a bit of action himself, I was more than happy when he fucked and fisted me, before heading back to the office. I looked forward to the same time next week hoping they would all be back. The more regular guys got to know me and we soon headed into the group room most times for a group fuck, I prefered top guys as they spent their time feeding my ass with their cocks, but I didn't mind fucking a nice ass too, so when there was a choice of guys, tops or versatile, I too would dip my cock in a nice warm ass, and feed him my cum.

Read Sperm Shokushu Man VS Usagi Magician Alone Shokushu Man VS Usagi Magician

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Omg this is sooooo hot bro
Relena peacecraft
Wow fuckn awesome