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#196299 - hey babe(sleepy voice) hey Julie you sleep good after last night I was exhausted yeah so was I but it always gets better it does defiantly what time is it 6:30 the doc come in yet no not yet ok whatcha watchin the 24 hours of lemans you and your cars you know me 1st comes you then cars awe that's so sweet(mushy type voice) ok ok I get it but I do love you more then my car hmmmph hahahaha love you to babe She walks over and sits on my lap her head next to mine we watch the race together I'm happy your fond of cars or else I'd be screwed hahaha I'm ok with them fine by me haha The doc walks in along with my parents hey guys hey son hey Jim seems like your doing well so we'll discharge you as soon as possible ohhhhkay(smiles on mine and Julies face) so let's get dressed babe ok Julie We get dressed I get discharged they give my parents prescriptions for pain and to mak

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