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#256196 - Things where very quiet for a long time no one spoke ,when Sally had recovered she just kissed Joe and Kim thanking them for a great experience , We swam and drank while sam slept and as evening came we moved indoors , Joe had brought a new DVD and we sat and watched his porn movie but I must say it did arouse the ladies , Joe and I sat with rock hard hardons , it was then Kim came over to Joe and started to suck his cock, remember he had a huge head and thick cock , Sally and I watched her take it all down her throat then she got up and sat on it letting go deep in her , Joe was sucking Kims nipples as he fucked her ,not knowing what to expect Sally came over and played with my average cock and I got to touch and fuck my fantasy, Trouble was I did not last very long , and blew very quickly Sally looked very disappointed but that changed as sam was standing behind her and started to lick her ass as I was pulling out sam was slurping on my cum oozing out of Sally , he had come al

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