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#336592 - “Hey, white boy, what’s going on here?” “Sir, I woke up here like this, chained and naked a while ago after some guy slapped me around. ” They moved closer on either side while we were still laughing and each kissed me on the cheek, Donnell saved me the trouble of deciding and turned my face to his first and kissed me deeply and sweetly. The plan was -to have him come in and go all ‘black power on you and then have Dannell and Darnell ‘save’ you from him, and them to seduce you when you were grateful, but LaMar put something in all of your drinks and dragged you down here on his own and lied to them about taking you home.

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Youmu konpaku
Its not alessa savage this girl does not have tattoos
Shiranui mizuki
I want to try this