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#242815 - I told her two days after we met that my number one rule was as I had already said, then she did the most amazing thing which really surprised me and by that I mean the way in which she reacted. The woman, Shona, was getting very agitated at this sexual openness and told us she had never met a couple like us who were such exhibitionists and open (no pun intended) and could she join us and we both said of course she could but she would have to un-button her dress from her neck down to her belly button and from her ankles up to just below level with her pussy, and to remove her underwear, so she got up to go to the loo and I said no, undo the buttons here and do it now so she sat down again and undid the buttons then still sitting at the table she struggled to remove her enormous bra, tights (YUK) and her very big pants then lifted her long dress up at the back to put her bare arse on her seat and I told her to place her now obsolete clothing on the table in front of her and call a wa

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Kazuichi soda
Great i love to expose myself in public too
Mizuho miyanokouji
Only way it could have been better is minus the shoes
Ya just gotta looooooove rachel starr
Chiyo mihama
She should be on my cock