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#220206 - With her now oblivious to the world i when over & reaching under her pantie covered arse pulled the tight cloth aside & grabbed the butt plug base, Now or never i thought as i pulled it out only to plunge it straight back in again , over & over i repeated it , I was amazed at the treatment her little anus was taking & Debbie was too far gone to care , Seeing her like this why wait for tonight, I dropped my pants in record time & positioned my cock next to the plug, one more deep thust with the plug then on the next stroke out i through it aside & replaced it with my cock , Oh Heaven , The grip of her preteen arse hole as it tightend round my knob was sheer bliss , I savoured it for a second before forgetting all about the deal i struck earlier & drove my cock fully home . I retired to the sofa & switched it on Debbie immediately started laughing , It tickles , she screamed, soon enough she realized it was not just tickling her , Arrr yes Daddy it feels arrh! so good, I

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