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#283463 - Mother will you still honour the late kings wishes and become my advisor, yes my king I will but we will need to talk in private so I can tell you the job details, we will talk after lunch, yes my king now if I may we will also have to hold a ceremony for late king Lucian, yes we will and maybe we can work the wedding in at the same time are ok with that Vanessa, yes I am it would even put ease to the kingdom knowing they are not without a king, yes my thoughts exactly we will make it a two day thing. Dad wants it to be read in front of everyone so the whole castle comes together in the dining room as I hold up the kings will it reads upon my death my son shall take the throne, Vanessa will be his wife, and my love will be both adviser and military commander and may my death not be in vain but remember the good times we all shared do not lose hope I believe in you son good luck love king Lucian.

Read Pickup Haha ni Koishite #3 "Omoide no Natsu" - Original Breast Haha ni Koishite #3 "Omoide no Natsu"

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Sadako yamamura
You and me both
Gintoki sakata
Hot toes
Far too easy w her
Tsumiki miniwa
Lol why does he sound like elmo