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#82415 - It was three days later that they found there first hint that harry was still alive and doing okay as far as they could guess, a letter had arrived via owl early morning landing on ginnys bed scaring her half to death, she opened it pretty quickly with the exception of fully waking up, now i know everyone is expecting some massive long letter explaining where he is and how he is doing so here is what he wrote - *i'm okay, dont worry im thinking of you* - after reading it over and over ginny finally let out a sigh of relief before jumping out of bed and crashing straight ontop of hermoine, in all her excitement ginny had forgotten hermoine was sharing a room with her per her mother's request, hermoine awoke in shock having someone crash down on her, looking to see who it was she saw ginny quickly climbing off her with an apologetic look on her face, *well that was one way to wake up i guess* hermoine stated in a mock angry voice - *sorry, im really sorry* ginny cried out apolo

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