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#321961 - So they ended up leaving going into the gym to practise there chears while we stuck in this hell. We were all entering the boys locker room then i heard a c'mon lets go i was dumbfounded well it just so happens that the cheerleades had just gotten done with there practise also we snuck into one of the wresters vans and the cheerleaders came also we (all 9 wrestlers and 15 Cheerleaders) went to a old run-off building then it happend all of the girls removed their clothes then were running into the building i was then peaking to errection i was very thrilled i could guess what we were doing now the wrestlers came into the building following the cheerleaders we removed our gym shorts and shirts the girls were getting anxius now one them ( didnt' even know her) yanked me down to the dusty floor and it began. We quickly began talking then she thanked me for the afternoon and said cant wait for tommorow.

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