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#267293 - After a few messeges the topic of what we were looking for came up, I told her I was just after a laugh and abit of fun, to which she replied don't you think I'm abit old for you? Not at all, I've always fancied going with an older women, doesn't it bother you I'm abit younger then you? I asked, she said she didn't mind and the conversation continued, before I knew it we were talking about what experiences we'd had, and man was she experienced! She gave me her number and told me to text her as she had things to do, so I left it about an hour and dropped her a text. To my surprise I got a reply, to start with it was just the usual, how's your day going? Not to bad thanks yourself? Etc, but that quickly changed. I had a couple of joints and jumped in the shower to freshen up, and set off to hers, she only lived 10 minutes walk away which was a bonus, I was slightly nervous for some reason, She was by no means the first person I'd slept with, far from it, but for some reason I was a l

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Sakura yae
Love it
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Prove it lmao