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#410531 - Before Jane moved out she used to like to make me feel like a silly little girl and tell me how young I was and that I would be able to understand the relationships she had it really annoyed me, coming home every night with a different man she was just a slut really, I bet she doesn’t even know if her kids are her ex's not that he cares he hasn’t been around since my niece was born. My mouth dropped open surely she wouldn’t believe that but her eyes flew to me again as he continued I know I should have come to you baby but I was scared, I love you so much and I didn’t want to lose you. “mmm now that is a sexy site, your cock buried deep inside her” she says walking over to us and stroking her hand and nails over his bare arse “but I think we need to strip her” she smiles climbing onto the bed and pulling my top over my head, “why is she gagged?” she frowns only just noticing the ripped pillowcase “She wouldn’t shut up its ok baby when you get that sweet pussy over her mou

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