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#30814 - PLEASE!. CHRIST – just imagine if she brought one of her friends round for the same reasons!”. She reached down and reclaimed her top from my mouth, pulled it back over her head, and scampered down the stairs and out of the front door! I lay there in total shock for a few minutes, then my dick got hard again at the memory of what had just occurred, and the sight of it, and my stomach, and the floor come to that, all covered in the mixture of blood and cum, and the way she had ejected them from her pussy all over me, meant I had no option but to wank myself off again! When I finally got to my feet I caught sight of her lying back in her garden, only this time her face was turned towards my window, her eyes were open and her hand was buried down the front of her shorts! I thought to myself “This could be a service numerous young Asian girls might require ….

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