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#118756 - I opened the doors which were surprisingly lighter then they looked and all the little sounds that yours accustom to, all the little hints that something small was happening around you like a wind blowing from a distance, a leaf flying into a pebble and it has just enough push to slightly lift or unbalance it just for it to fall back into place, the wooden sounds of sticks         moving and breaking for whatever reason, if you take a moment to just listen to the sound of your version of silence you’ll notice that there is a lot happening for you in the background that in a way makes our version silence alive and I am eternally grateful because right at that moment everything I just mentions I didn’t know I was a custom to died… and that was the scariest part of this experience. I look down and I notice that I’m no longer on fire, not only that but I’m complete naked.

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Hazuki fujiwara
She needs to get in my truck
Ishida mitsunari
Comeu fom forca e muita vontade podia ser minha esposa no lugar dela